Real Writers Rejected and Accepted

We always see the examples of the now famous authors and their rejection letters. But how do you cope with working your butt off every day – plus take care of family – and then get rejected?

We may receive many simple “Not at this time,” responses. Which bums us out, but it’s not heart-wrenching.

And lots of plain no replies, which in this industry is acceptable.

However, you may find some editors will take the time to respond – learn from them!

Here are a few of mine.

1 – Thanks, not for me. Do please watch your sentences, they are either disjointed or rambling or both.

2 – Everything needs attention, including punctuation. Apostrophes are important, use them correctly. Indent your paragraphs by using the TAB key, it looks better and makes the editor’s life easier, too.

3 – When submitting work, first impressions count. The layout isn’t as precise as it could be and the work doesn’t feel as if it’s been revised, or that daughters’ would surely have been picked up. Right? You get one chance to impress an editor, don’t blow it by sending out unchecked, unrevised work.

5 – thanks but no. Can we go back to two basic things here – First, dangling participles, the words ending in -ing which you use to start paragraphs and a lot of sentences. Write them out. If you even think you want to use one, such as – for example – Running, he… – change it to He ran. You do this a lot and it doesn’t always work as a sentence. I delete them from all work that I accept. Second, go back to the SHOW DON’T TELL lessons – check it out on the internet, loads of sites, loads to read. This story is entirely TELL. We hardly ever see how Christopher feels. Write the story from HIS POV, not the narrator. Every time you write Christopher or he, you are TELLING.

4 – I’m afraid your story didn’t make the final cut this time. We hope you’re able to find another home for it, and look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.


Yes, that was only a FEW – and believe it or not mixed in between these rejections have been these!


1 -It’s a yes from me. She’s a good writer, and her interest in ****** is a plus. We don’t have anyone currently covering ****** Happy to see the site continue to grow.

2 – You did a great job and are a very talented writer! Can’t wait to see the new one! To take an idea and develop it that quickly and make it interesting is amazing! Thanks for sharing your gift with me.

3 – This is the Editor-in-Chief of ******* writing to personally thank you for working with us so professionally and efficiently. I was extremely impressed with the amount of work you put into your final edits.

4 – So, with that said, we are very excited to have you as one of the authors participating in our upcoming anthology.

5 – Your creativity is impressive! I look forward to reading more.

I can’t take credit for all the acceptances alone – especially the edits! I have to thank all my first draft readers. #JacquelineLeahy, #AimiePagendam, #DavidKummer, #SusanLeighton, my old original team member (hope you’re well) #ZaneDowling.

AND the biggest thanks goes to my newest editing assistant #Toneye, without your services some of these stories would not have made the second cut. I bow to you SIR.

If you need editing, covers, or horror promotions – see here:

Or If you have rejections and acceptances you’d like to share, please add them to the comments and we can all lift each other up.


Happy writing folks, Theresa


Exciting NEWS

Good Morning, afternoon, or evening, to my wonderful readers. My new book, The Cimmerians was published this am!

If you like looking over your shoulder and jumping at every shadow, then this one is for you.

Grab your E-Book and drop a review. Paperbacks coming soon. If it’s not your cup-of-tea please share with your friends, encase it’s theirs.  THANK YOU ALL!

Free or Affordable Book Promotions

I created a similar list a few years ago, but times change. New places arrive and old ones shut down. Here are some of the current ones I use, some free, some with variable pricing. Some with special fun features.


The Independent Author Network, truly does what they say they are going to do. They have free offers and low priced (ONE-TIME FOR LIFE PAYMENT) plans, that make it worth the few extra bucks.




Readers Favorite offers free reviews, and fairly quickly I might add. They are professional, in-depth and honest. Your review gets posts on their site, Amazon, and good reads. Plus so much more.




All Author gives you a landing page of your own. They also create fun interactive blurbs and gifs. You can set up auto-tweets too. Check out this cool GIF I made.


All Author.jpg



Book Bub also gives you a landing page and you can follow others. I haven’t seen anything truly interesting about them as of yet. But free is free!  (I can’t tell you how many time I’ve written boob bub – laughing had to share)




The Awesome gang, reviews and gives you a spotlight page. They email every Sat new books and reviews.






The Indie Reviewers, once again Free reviews! Which we all need to pimp our books. The one big bonus with finding these reviewers is that most of them have their own blogs and post their reviews on them. This gives you a completely different audience with every single review. The hard part is finding a reviewer who is not so bogged down that they have the time to accept you.




The Bold Mom, this is for the Horror Genere only. The site is unique to all the rest and professionally done. SHe advertises, spotlights and reviews, depending on what you need. the prices vary.





Many new authors don’t know Amazon has its own author promotion site. Author Central. Make sure you sign up…and don’t forget to update your info as you change.



Of course, everyone knows about facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest…and on and on – however, don’t underestimate creating your own website, even if it has to be free for a time.



Write everywhere – Blog on multiple platforms. Connect your blog to your Amazon page. Also submit to magazines, contests, guest blogs. Even simple idea’s like writing reviews or plots on IMDB can gain you new eyes. Don’t think any platform is too small or doesn’t have even viewers. Give it a shot!


Happy writing folks! See you next week 🙂  Theresa Jacobs

Please add your promotion idea – or even places you own – in the comments.

Meet A Horror Promoter Extraordinaire

I’ve had such a busy winter that I’ve neglected my monthly author spotlights. I’m back at it with a surprise guest for you all today.

She goes by the moniker Mar Garcia. I first met her when I signed up to promote my book on her website: “The Bold Mom.”


Her level of personal service was so welcoming and refreshing that I joined all her sites. As soon as I did that, I found her crazy beautiful artwork. Her work is so stunning in fact that I asked if she made covers for authors. Lucky for me – she does! She is working on my next horror book Cimmerians for me right now. I can’t wait to showcase it.







                                                                                Now I’d like to introduce you to the soon to be famous (yes I do believe it)

Mar Garcia.





First, can you tell our readers what “The bold mom” site is about and all that you offer?

The Bold Mom is Horror. A shelter for special, beautiful minds. On one side, I lend an space for some guest authors to review books and express themselves, and on the other, I promote, share, push and support horror books and metal music. As much as I can 🙂

I’m also an illustrator, but it doesn’t have much to do with TBM really, it’s just something I’ve done since I can remember.

When did you decide to start “The Bold Mom” and how has the site evolved?

I started a blog due to the need of taking care of my daughter. I had to make money from home, so I started a simple site, creating contacts with authors, promoting them, reviewing for sites… I’ve been working very hard and practically for free for almost two years, and now, since some months ago, TBM took shape and a strong position, collaborating with many other sites, rising audience, lots of engagement. Which is something I wasn’t very sure it was going to happen… but everyone seems happy with it! Happy authors, happy promoter 🙂

Do you also write? If so what are your works.

No, I do not… I like to write little things, but I don’t show them haha! English is not my natural language so I’m always very insecure about it. I like making disturbing introductions for posts or interviews, or poems. But nothing longer than that. Luckily Toneye has always my back with it covering my catastrophes lol 

Do you have a favorite author?

As classics, Cesar, Alexandre Dumas, Edmond Rostand, Stoker.

Do you have a favorite artist?

I couldn’t tell, because I see all the time amazing drawings made by many different people. I don’t like the “fairy” fantasy type. I’m tired of it, and illustrations are usually just a Photoshop arrangement. I like artists who soil their hands drawing. But it’s only my personal opinion.

Does your talent for art come naturally, or have you taken classes to hone it?

Not a single class lol I’m naturally insane.

Do you know why you are drawn – pun intended – into horror?

Hum… curiously, a couple of days ago another author asked me the same! As I told him, it’s just where I feel at home. Since I was a kid, I’m drawn into it because I’m a very sensitive person with these things. When I was very little, I already had this thoughts and nightmares. I slowly made them mine. Horror expresses what no one wants to hear,  embraces everyone accepting their own darkness and doesn’t reject any content. 

Horror is where you can be free of prejudices, cuffs and the trash wrapped in glitter that the world tries to make us swallow, constantly. Horror is the beauty of Darkness.

Tell us what type of art you offer to clients? And do you have a set price list? (Ex – the covers)

My style is very specific because I don’t control it. I have print-on-demand service, and personalized too, for covers or book illustrations, where the author just tells me what they need. I send sketches and progress pics to build exactly what they need. The prices… it’s not exactly a list. If they want a cover, then yes I have a price for Kindle and for paperback, and both, but the single illustrations, it varies depending on how long it will take for me to do it. 

How do you balance your home life with your promotions and your artwork?

With great difficulties lol My daughter goes to school some hours a day, but the rest I’m working with her climbing on me, literally.

What does your dream life look like?

A cabin on a lake away from everything. I’ve had this dream since I can remember. 


If you are a horror enthusiast of any kind, I urge you to go check out Mar’s Bold Mom site for promoting!

Check out her stunning artwork!

Or just be a stalker – links below.


Art Portfolio:


Facebook: (The Bold Mom)

(Mar G-A)






A screenshot from her Sunday Wicked reads posting – you either want to be on this list – or selecting from it!




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