Meet a ragtag team of strangers who come together to save the universe, in this thrill ride of mystery, adventure and war. 


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A Psychological Horror to ponder.

Dive into the mind of David Kummer, an up and coming writer who’s not afraid to plunge us into the depth of his imagination.

If you read the works of Ramsey Campbell or Bret Easton Ellis, then give this book a try.  There are mixed reviews on this book, but I personally enjoy a story that brings the reader into the mind of a psycho and doesn’t spell out every step of the way. As a young adult, David Kummer has the chops to bring us there. 




Join Cyrus Street as he returns to his hometown, where fifteen years previous the church burned taking many townspeople with it. Now that he’s back townspeople start to die. Through flashbacks, we see his checkered past, his family and the love of his life.

And a darkness that haunts his mind.

Delve into the past, present, and future in Until we burn.



Everybody remebers the fire. Everybody remebers him. But there’s a darkness he’s buried inside his own head. and unless he can remeber, the entire town will burn.

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