I wrote while I waited – you can too!

I posted my blog this a.m. about how busy I was today.  One of the things on my list was treating myself to my next tattoo.  That is how I reward all my hard work – spend more money! But I’m not here to bitch about that.

Tattoo’s take HOURS! and at first, I was going to listen to an audiobook. However, when I got there the music was pumping, the people were hustling, and there was just too much commotion.

When the pain started I thought, “How am I going to distract myself from this?” I picked up my phone, look at facebook – boring – the proverbial light bulb went off. I always save my WIP to my drive because I have two computers, so depending on where I feel like working, I can open it and keep going.

Low and Behold I lay for 3.5 hours and I wrote 1221 words! That is 3.5 full sized pages. I know it doesn’t sound like much to a non-writer, but trust me it is, especially with just a thumb.

Even if it wasn’t that much, it was more than NOTHING! and I am ecstatic about it. So if you have a phone or a tablet, always remember to cross your work over to something that can be opened anywhere, and never lose time again.


Let Life


Emerging artist of any kind have to live in multiple realities.


The Day job


The parent role – or pet parent role for some.


The artist



And unless you are superhuman, we must sleep at some point too!


There are times where you have to let life happen, and ignore the art. Yes, I said it! Ignore that little voice calling – come and create me – and it’s not easy to do.


And now my dog is pacing to go run, so with a full schedule this weekend, I must bid you Au revoir and hope for a more evolved post next week.


Oh Blogging, is this the life for me?

key-1814642_1920As I dove into a writing career, I thought long and hard about the blog.

Do I want to do it?

Why would I do it?

What do I have to blog about?


There are many pros and cons to a weekly blog. Content is the #1 con – how do you maintain exciting material over and over in a “writer’s life” style blog?

Yet on the flip side, the #1 pro to a blog, is finding other like-minded people to gather with. As a novel writer, I may publish a book, twice a year (if I’m lucky).

You can’t maintain fans/readers if you only show your face like Wiarton Willy, or for the American fans, Punxsutawney Phil.groundhog-day-driving


So, I stopped thinking about it and just went ahead and began. I figured, “meh, I’ll sort it out as I go.

criticism-3083100_1920                                                    One of the side effects of blogging that I had never thought would happen to me, is the seeking validation. I am not a “look-at-me” type of person. I’d much rather hide in my own home and not even talk to people than be on stage screaming for attention. And then I started blogging. People pop in and like, they follow, they comment, and you’ll begin to think, “hey maybe I can do this.” Some weeks blogs are better than others. One week will get tons of likes and shares, and the next, you could hear a pin drop in the silence. That’s when you start second guessing everything in life.



Luckily the answer to life is 42 so as long as you bring your towel you’ll get through it.








The point of this – nothing – I needed to blog Sat, and I did. Give it a go too, you never know, you just might like it.


Sitting at Desk with hands coming towards the camera

How do you keep your content fresh? Share your thoughts, we’d love to hear from you, and check out your blogs too.

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Antisocial Media


 As an indie writer, our jobs are not only to write, but to market, and network, to build a solid community around us. There are days, however, when being “on” through social media can become overwhelming.

Many writers use their personal, and author accounts, as one. I do not, I keep mine separate. I do share some personal details on my writer’s account, but I try to stick to human interest style posts. I share the mundane daily stuff or any political, or religious believes with my family and friends. As a writer, I feel that the public only truly wants to read my stories, not know that I have dinner plans with friends, (unless their famous people perhaps).


But there are days when the thought of more marketing can be overwhelming, or just plain boring. So I just don’t do it that day. Some sites say you must be present online hurry-2119711_640every day. We have many hats to wear and life is extra busy when you are working, raising a family, writing, marketing, and seeking other avenues of promoting your work.

It’s enough to drive a person mad.




I say nope, I need me time TOO!

Stay sane, be happy, be creative, and stay healthy. Happy writing folks. Theresa



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