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While I do love The Walking Dead, I have more fun watching Z-nation. For those of you who have not seen it…it is “must see tv!” It began low budget with the only cast member I recognized being D.J Qualls (From “The New Guy” and “Road Trip” among other low-brow comedies)

The creators of Z-Nation are brave enough to bring us everything TWD does not. I am going to give just a hint today, as to not spoil it for those who have not yet watched. So get binge watching people, I’ll start at the beginning and work through the show with you.

What Z-Nation gives us.

Gore-Galore, they are not afraid to show the Zombies being mangled in the truck wheels as the cast squish their guts out.

The Zombies RUN and swim. Plus, they are a bit smarter at times (perhaps the fresh dead still have brains of their own?) They occasionally set up ambushes.

They give us the all dreaded Z-Nato

Even Worse a Zombie Baby!

Everyone and Anyone can die — so don’t get too attached, they even got George R.R Martin

Plus they have the guy you love to hate! Murphy, who in the beginning was a prisoner that the doctors used as a test subject. He was injected with a Zombie Anti-Virus and was immune to it — sort of — I’ll dig deeper into Murphy later. Just know that he is an Ass, hates everyone, and can communicate with Zombies.

Let the horror ensue Until Next time — go get some Zzzzz.

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