Giveaway Results

Thank you all who participated in the chance to win $25.00 Cash and receive a free book.  The Winner has been contacted to accept their prize. (Of course, I won’t share their emailUntitled.jpg

The end results of a three-day giveaway were 1878 contestants.

215 Email Subscribers to my author email (12 unsubscribers) and yes there will be more as time goes on,  but still worth it.

102 Free book downloads.

1023 Visitors to my Blog with 95 Subscribers.

2580 social media reshares.

It was a fun experiment and helped me learn some features in my MailChimp. Never hurts to have fun and try something new. Hope most of you stick around to share some fun blogs or be here for the next giveaway!

Thank you all, Theresa


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