Meet A Horror Promoter Extraordinaire

I’ve had such a busy winter that I’ve neglected my monthly author spotlights. I’m back at it with a surprise guest for you all today.

She goes by the moniker Mar Garcia. I first met her when I signed up to promote my book on her website: “The Bold Mom.”


Her level of personal service was so welcoming and refreshing that I joined all her sites. As soon as I did that, I found her crazy beautiful artwork. Her work is so stunning in fact that I asked if she made covers for authors. Lucky for me – she does! She is working on my next horror book Cimmerians for me right now. I can’t wait to showcase it.







                                                                                Now I’d like to introduce you to the soon to be famous (yes I do believe it)

Mar Garcia.





First, can you tell our readers what “The bold mom” site is about and all that you offer?

The Bold Mom is Horror. A shelter for special, beautiful minds. On one side, I lend an space for some guest authors to review books and express themselves, and on the other, I promote, share, push and support horror books and metal music. As much as I can 🙂

I’m also an illustrator, but it doesn’t have much to do with TBM really, it’s just something I’ve done since I can remember.

When did you decide to start “The Bold Mom” and how has the site evolved?

I started a blog due to the need of taking care of my daughter. I had to make money from home, so I started a simple site, creating contacts with authors, promoting them, reviewing for sites… I’ve been working very hard and practically for free for almost two years, and now, since some months ago, TBM took shape and a strong position, collaborating with many other sites, rising audience, lots of engagement. Which is something I wasn’t very sure it was going to happen… but everyone seems happy with it! Happy authors, happy promoter 🙂

Do you also write? If so what are your works.

No, I do not… I like to write little things, but I don’t show them haha! English is not my natural language so I’m always very insecure about it. I like making disturbing introductions for posts or interviews, or poems. But nothing longer than that. Luckily Toneye has always my back with it covering my catastrophes lol 

Do you have a favorite author?

As classics, Cesar, Alexandre Dumas, Edmond Rostand, Stoker.

Do you have a favorite artist?

I couldn’t tell, because I see all the time amazing drawings made by many different people. I don’t like the “fairy” fantasy type. I’m tired of it, and illustrations are usually just a Photoshop arrangement. I like artists who soil their hands drawing. But it’s only my personal opinion.

Does your talent for art come naturally, or have you taken classes to hone it?

Not a single class lol I’m naturally insane.

Do you know why you are drawn – pun intended – into horror?

Hum… curiously, a couple of days ago another author asked me the same! As I told him, it’s just where I feel at home. Since I was a kid, I’m drawn into it because I’m a very sensitive person with these things. When I was very little, I already had this thoughts and nightmares. I slowly made them mine. Horror expresses what no one wants to hear,  embraces everyone accepting their own darkness and doesn’t reject any content. 

Horror is where you can be free of prejudices, cuffs and the trash wrapped in glitter that the world tries to make us swallow, constantly. Horror is the beauty of Darkness.

Tell us what type of art you offer to clients? And do you have a set price list? (Ex – the covers)

My style is very specific because I don’t control it. I have print-on-demand service, and personalized too, for covers or book illustrations, where the author just tells me what they need. I send sketches and progress pics to build exactly what they need. The prices… it’s not exactly a list. If they want a cover, then yes I have a price for Kindle and for paperback, and both, but the single illustrations, it varies depending on how long it will take for me to do it. 

How do you balance your home life with your promotions and your artwork?

With great difficulties lol My daughter goes to school some hours a day, but the rest I’m working with her climbing on me, literally.

What does your dream life look like?

A cabin on a lake away from everything. I’ve had this dream since I can remember. 


If you are a horror enthusiast of any kind, I urge you to go check out Mar’s Bold Mom site for promoting!

Check out her stunning artwork!

Or just be a stalker – links below.


Art Portfolio:


Facebook: (The Bold Mom)

(Mar G-A)






A screenshot from her Sunday Wicked reads posting – you either want to be on this list – or selecting from it!




Defeating the naysayers

To those who say: Just because you can write doesn’t mean you should.

My reply: Why not? Your right is my wrong – here’s why – There will always be tough critics, judgemental jerks, and trolls. Never let them tear you down. If you are ever feeling beaten down and inadequate check back through history.

Let’s begin with art.

How do you compare Michelangelo, considered the greatest living artist during his lifetime



Barnett Newman, seen as one of the major figures in abstract expressionism and one of 30-40-lot-17the foremost of the color field painters






This Blue Painting Sold for $39 million…….Art is clearly in the eye of the beholder.




A Streetcar Named Desire, which is often regarded as among the finest plays of the 20th century. The movie winning Academy awards.    A-Streetcar-Named-Desire.jpg




the room



The Room hailed as one of the worst films ever made.




To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee


Reviews  from Amazon:

5* I was never required to read this book while in school but I believe I would have loved it anyway!! I recommend this book to everyone!!

1* I found absolutely nothing to recommend this book at all and I will certainly not waste money on buying the prequel.





50 Shades of greydownload

Reviews  from Amazon:

5* What’s not to love about this book. It’s definitely unique and fun to read.

1* Oh my god if this wasn’t an ebook, I’d have hurled it out the window by now. So badly written. SO badly written.





Therefore, if you like Horror such as:



My Best Friend’s Exorcism by Grady HendrixBESTfriendsEXORCISM_IG.jpg

Reviews  from Amazon:

4* Horror stories make me giddy, excited and really creeped out.

3* None of the characters ever take responsibilities for their actions, and the police and school investigations regarding the possession just didn’t seem plausible.


You may enjoy my campy tale of terror :


Sudden death by Theresa Jacobs

Reviews  from Amazon:
Nov 2016 Horror Novella – Campy Fun

5*If you enjoy The Evil Dead series and The Exorcist, you will love getting to know Brimorie.

2* ‘Sudden Death’ has a great concept. I just feel that it would have been better written as a script to a supernatural/horror television show than this story.

Get it here:





In conclusion – from art to movies to books, everyone has their own likes and dislikes. Freedom of speech and expression allows us to not only share all this with the world but say whatever we want about it too.

Keep being yourself, keep working at your craft, and be proud of everything you’ve accomplished.

 Happy writing folks, Theresa


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