Write this, that, and the other!

Keep your writing life interesting. Why bind yourself to only writing novellas or novels? Branch out, get your name far and wide. Take chances, you never know what's going to be your big break if you never try. Write for anthologies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IO3rl0N_q8&list=LL5fmohhiWsng67ohyurCw0Q Contests https://shortfictionbreak.com/the-vacation/ Apply to magazines https://1428elm.com/author/tjacobs/ Flash fiction https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bys94diEPDLrLUVob2VrazFBUDQ/view?usp=sharing TV scripts – what?... Continue Reading →

Bust out of the writing mold

Aren’t you tired of reading, or even seeing, the same old formula? The Hero always wins, the guy gets the girl. Two people met, they fall in love, they have a big fight, they make up and ride off into the sunset.   If you read the structures, and plot outlines, and writing for mainstream,... Continue Reading →

Surviving the writer’s life

Don't let the hours of dull everyday work spoil your creativity, take moments here and there to write notes. Write whatever you want, don't worry too much the naysayers or editors, it's your creation Meet other writers boost each other, help each other, we all have self-doubt. Be brave    Grow a thick skin or learn... Continue Reading →

Author Spotlight

I would like to introduce you to Zane Dowling, my friend, editor, and mentor. He passes on some sage advice. Read below and when you’re done, why not go buy one of his superb books, you won't regret it.  P.s. my favorite is "Brother's Keeper. Link below. The one thing I want you to take... Continue Reading →

Plotter vs Panster

When it comes to writing, some people like to think about the entire story, before actually writing at all. Then there are others who just sit at the blank page and write on the fly, let the story tell itself. I am a Panster. I did not know this when I began writing. I actually thought... Continue Reading →


Why do we need reviews to validate ourselves? We don’t. When you get a Five-star review you jump for joy, shout it from the roof-tops, you did great! What happens when you get a two star, or even worse a one star, and that’s only because they have to leave a star to review; then they... Continue Reading →

Write As You Are

Never compare yourself to other writers. You are who you are, and you only know what you know. IF you are constantly saying: but I wish I could be as good as — or if I could only You will never have the confidence to be YOU. We are all different and that is a good thing.... Continue Reading →

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