How I Panster

Hi all! Okay I hate videos’ of myself, but because so many people ask how I write as a panster—no it’s not me putting on pants! This is a quick example of my writing process.

Thanks for watching, toss me a like or a subscribe, you never know what crazy thing I’ll do next.


The annoyance of marketing on social media, you’ve all been there once or twice – share your woes in the comments.


1. Groups that have a bazillion stupid rules. You can only post book sales Tues at midnight and blog Sunday before noon.  Don’t post any links, only write in the thread. You can’t write in the thread, only in comments. Don’t share your new releases… 



Do you have any clue what a writers schedule actually looks like?
Most of the time I don’t even know what day it is, never mind which group allows me to post when – 



2. OR when I post a blog link, or a link to a sale, or to a friends page and admin has to jump into the comments and say “tell us about your post instead of just dropping links.”


I’m on this end of my computer saying, “SERIOUSLY!” The links tells you exactly what it is! So now I have to waste more time writing up a write up to a write up – yeah I said it and I’m sticking to it. 




3. Writer admins that non-stop comment about writing structure. They continue to insist that you can’t write without plotting and planning first. Many of them are down right insulting about it as well.


Well guess what, unless you are going read my books, still insist I need structure and then offer to edit for FREE, I say shut-up! I have a way and you have a way and Jo-Bob  has his way – so there are other ways. It’s called art for a reason. 




And I wont even get into the fake accounts or Perverts! We’ve all seen it and just don’t get the point. 

Share your tales with us too. 

Using the Blog as Promo

Hi All! I’m blogging on a Wed night…say what?

I’ve come tonight for the first time ever off my Sat schedule, because I will be attending my – also – first ever, book signing this Saturday. While I am away doing that, I want to share with you all other things I write.

First and Foremost my newest Sci-Fi Novel, KEPT, was published last night (paperbacks available soon) if you can check it out.



I also am a contributor to 1428Elm.Com an online horror Magazine. I was writing weekly about my favorite TV show, Znation. Which is now over until next season, so I’ve picked up the show Ghost Wars. You can check out my weekly articles Here :


I began a gardening Blog :


I even write Songs and Poetry



If you are a writer, write!

Promote and share in anyway you can.

See you all shortly, share your achievements with us. Thanks for stopping by, Theresa Jacobs.

Making book video promo’s

When I first decided to make a “commercial” for my debut novel, I searched and searched for free options. I tried a few and found them lacking.

Then I discovered Animoto. I liked the ease of use and the amount of options to play with. However using for free left me with their branding. It wasn’t too obnoxious, but some people didn’t like it.

Over the last couple of years, they’ve taken away many of the best features, moving them to the paying only options, and it became harder to create a simple ad.

Some great people in a writers club told me the Windows Movie Maker was good, and watermark free!

I checked it out, it did cost me $40.00 – but that’s for life. Which is worth it in the grand plan of becoming a famous author.

I’ve made many commercials over the past couple of months and so far so good.


I would love to know what you use, what price you paid, and see your commercials too.

Please share with us so we can all learn and grow together.


For anyone new to creating ads, I use free stock photo’s, plop them into the movie maker, play with all the setting already there and the music is there too.  Some of it not the best, there are free sound bite sites as well. If you have more questions, comment and we can talk.


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