Write this, that, and the other!

Keep your writing life interesting. Why bind yourself to only writing novellas or novels? Branch out, get your name far and wide. Take chances, you never know what’s going to be your big break if you never try.


Write for anthologies




Apply to magazines



Flash fiction



TV scripts – what?

Ya I said it go for it (top secret)



If you sell one or two small pieces a month, that’s cash flow, and putting your name under new eyes too.



Can’t forget blogging – and guest blogging


I have a few fun projects in the works, however, they’re always confidential but if you stick with me, you’ll learn about them as they come to fruition.

Share your fun ideas to keep your writing alive.

7 thoughts on “Write this, that, and the other!

Add yours

  1. It looks like you have some really exciting things happening with your writing. This is a very inspirational post. It’s made me think that I need to consider different writing avenues, Including my book of course.

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  2. Hi Debbie, absolutely! I find it helps too if you have a day when you just don’t want to look at the novel, or you need time to think about whats next, to do a small piece of something else. It helps me keep the creativity flowing. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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